Sophie Grace Meditations/Sophie Grace Meditationer

Sophie Grace Meditations, known as Sophie Grace Meditationer in her home country Sweden, has published close to 30 audiobooks with guided meditations and relaxation exercises when counting all the different versions of the meditations. Sophie Grace Meditations is a pseudonym; The author’s real name is Sophie Påhlsson, who you will see listed as the narrator and translator for some of  the books. Påhlsson does the narrations herself for audiobooks in English and Swedish. Meditations has been a passion for the author for over 15 years and she has studied health promotion in the workplace, health psychology and positive psychology. Her day job is running the translation agency Plotline Communications and this publishing house, Plotline Books. Påhlsson is the sole owner of Plotline Books. Besides studying health and wellness, Påhlsson has an MA in English with a specialization in translation.

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