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ONE WEEK LEFT until The Rose Garden comes out!

The Rose Garden is a super simple guided meditation that works for everyone regardless of your faith since it is completely non-religious. It also doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before in your life or is a complete pro. You can use it to unwind after work or to treat stress or anxiety for example. Suitable for everyone ages 10 and up. You will be able to find this meditation in the usual places you find audiobooks. 

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The Rose Garden. A Guided Meditation

The Rose Garden is a guided meditation suitable for everyone—older children and adults, beginners and professionals. It can be used to just relax and unwind after a workday or to treat anxiety or other mental health issues

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Expanding into Danish

In 2021, audiobooks by Sophie Grace Meditations will start to come out in Danish in addition to Swedish and English. The first will be Rosenhaven.

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